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Sunday Brunch is Incomplete Without a Coffee

breakfast with coffee

Sunday mornings are reserved for lots of love, good food and a hot cup of coffee that really wakes you up from within. It is quite natural for you to wake up late on a Sunday morning after having a blast the night before. The first thing that you have on your mind when getting out of bed is what to eat at such an odd hour when it is too late to have breakfast and too early to go for lunch. Skipping breakfast will certainly not help you, but a Sunday brunch is always a good choice for those who love sleeping in late on Sundays.

A proper Sunday brunch may contain lip-smacking dishes along with a good choice of salads and desserts. However, a hot cup of coffee after a tasty Sunday treat will not only cheer up your senses but will fill you with energy for a power-packed day ahead. Coffee, which is a natural stimulant, considerably affects the central nervous system and helps increase energy and mental alertness. This makes drinking it a morning ritual for people around the world.

Brunch with coffee

A popular story that explains the origin of coffee suggests that a goat herder named Kaldi in Ethiopia accidentally discovered the plant. When he found his goats showed remarkable energy long after they ate the red fruits of the plant, he tried them for himself and experienced a similar effect. Later, some monks also used these fruits to keep awake at night and complete prayer sessions. In the U.S., coffee as a drink was introduced during the early 18th century, but it gained popularity after the famous Boston Tea Party in 1773, which made switching to coffee a mark of patriotism.

Sundays are apt occasions to relax and celebrate life. After a long five days with a hectic schedule that usually leaves people exhausted, peaceful weekends are the most sought-after things in life. Spending Sunday mornings lazily and waking up late undoubtedly is a nice way to break up the day-to-day monotony of work and life. And the best way to enjoy your Sunday brunch is finishing it up with a piping hot cup of coffee. This will help you shrug off all the laziness and encourage you to enjoy life to the fullest.