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Sunday Brunch: The Most Important Meal of the Week

Sunday Brunch

Sunday morning is the most magical morning of the week. There is no rush. You don’t have to get ready for the office. The clock does not haunt you. Sunday comes with a lot of mental peace. This is why we all love Sundays, and we have a lot of sweet memories of this special day of the week. To kick off a great week Sunday, nothing beats a delicious, hearty, and healthy late morning breakfast – brunch.

Why Should One Not Skip Breakfast on Sundays?

Skipping breakfast is a bad habit on any day of the week. Our modern lives often prevent us from finding enough time each day for a wholesome breakfast. Saturday and Sunday are the only days many of us can relax and have a genuinely satisfying morning meal.

We understand the importance of breakfast, but what is brunch? Well, brunch is what happens when you sleep in too late to feel right calling your first meal “breakfast” but still want to have eggs, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, et cetera sometime around your usual lunch hour. Eating for breakfast and lunch, brunch should be relaxing, satisfying meal with good food, friends, family, and coffee.

What Should Be Included in Sunday Brunch?

Bread. Yeah, low-carb diets aren’t big fans of a good brunch. You’ve got pancakes with all the fixin’s, French toast, muffins, bagels, and oh goodness all the breakfast potatoes!

A comedian once said there’s only one way to make cake better: booze. That’s never been truer than in the case of our pineapple bourbon pancakes. Breakfast restaurants in Edmond each serve their signature pancake; but we’d have to claim that ours, well, takes the cake. The sweet tangy flavors of pineapple paired with the rich, smoky tones of bourbon combined in a soft, fluffy pancake make for a truly satisfying brunch.

If that’s not your style, try our take on the classic American carrot cake. Our Looney Cakes are made with carrot – of course – and candied pecans. There’s only one way to properly top a carrot cake: cream cheese frosting. Then we add a kick of our own with a sweet, tangy lemon cream glaze.

Gourmet pancakes are not all about the toppings. Our sweet potato buttermilk pancakes take unconventional to a whole new level. On top of that, we add caramel, candied walnuts, lemon cream glaze, and brown sugar butter just to be sure your sweet tooth is completely satisfied.

For the more health conscious, our Prom Cakes are made with oatmeal and granola right in the cake. More granola on top with fresh banana is sure to tickle the fancy of the pickiest health nut.

Looking to keep it simple? Our Simple Jacks epitomize the light, fluffy perfection of grandma’s homemade pancakes. Add blueberries or chocolate chips to really bring you back.

best breakfast in edmond

What’s a fantastic line up of Edmond’s best pancakes without a mouthwatering French toast? Made on hearty and flavorful challah bread, our French toast kicks it up a notch or two with banana-orange custard, mascarpone cream cheese, and fresh berries.

Can it get any better? Pair our awesome pancakes with your favorite eggs benedict or omelet to find out for yourself! Eggs are a staple of a well-rounded breakfast. They could be served as an omelet with your choice of meats and veggies; or poached and topped with creamy hollandaise sauce over smoked salmon lox, beef barbacoa, or pulled pork to make our classic eggs benedicts – “bennies” as we call them.

In Oklahoma, we love our southwest styled brunch. If you’re craving a loaded breakfast burrito, layered up huevos rancheros, or simply must have a spicy breakfast loaded with the flavors of green chilis and guacamole, we’ve got you covered!

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