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Plan For A Sunday Brunch

The world is becoming busier every moment, and time has become the most sought-after commodity today. The faster pace of work and life keeps us on our toes all the time, and thus adequate rest and a sound sleep on weekends become a great necessity. Sundays are specially reserved for feeling the bliss of leisure and taking a much-needed break from the monotony of day-to-day life. Therefore, eating Sunday brunch is a popular weekend activity. This post helps you with some of the ways that you can make sure you have a perfect Sunday brunch in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Brunch refers to the combination of breakfast and lunch. The word originated in England but later became popular around the globe. It involves a variety of dishes from both the breakfast and lunch menu that are typically served in a buffet style in the late morning hours of the day.

People around the world like to wake up late on easy Sundays. By the time they are out of bed, it is already time for lunch. Many of them often skip breakfast even on weekdays owing to their busy schedules and, at times, just because they do not feel interested in it. All this can lead to severe health complications and mood swings. Sunday brunch in Edmond, Oklahoma, is no doubt an awesome idea to make your weekend not just happy but healthy too.

Skipping the very first meal of the day is never healthy because you need the energy to keep you going all day long. It is also stated by experts that people who often miss breakfast tend to eat more than needed at lunch, which is equally unhealthy. Whenever you wish to sleep until late in the morning, it is always wise to go for a brunch with wholesome and healthy food on your plate. Choosing the right items from the menu or buffet for a Sunday brunch in Edmond, Oklahoma, is very important rather than going for greasy and unhealthy dishes. The points below should be kept in mind when you plan for a Sunday brunch.

Go Back to the Basics

Since brunch includes both breakfast and lunch dishes, the best idea is to choose dishes that are packed with energy and protein. Sunday brunch in Edmond, Oklahoma, can be scrumptious with items like the Big Bad Burrito or the Good Ol’ eBoy that are prepared with a tortilla, eggs, cheese, hollandaise, and your choice of meat and served with breakfast potatoes or hash browns. They are quite healthy and also make you feel full.


Eggs Benedict

Sunday brunch in Edmond, Oklahoma, is just not complete without tasting Bennies of different types. The English muffins, bagels and layered corn tortillas served with ranchero sauce, cottage cheese, eggs, and more provide really good options to choose from on the menu.

Vegetable Paradise

Nature is the best doctor, and fruits and vegetables are the great medicines that it gives us. Choosing veggies definitely mean choosing a lot of minerals and other nutrients. Dishes like Jolly Green and avocado toast use a lot of vegetables like spinach and arugula along with chicken, green apples, tomatoes and walnuts. These delicacies will make you dive into the taste of goodness and wholesomeness as the perfect thing to do on a lazy Sunday.


Egg Sandwitch

Sammies are some other great options for Sunday brunch in Edmond, Oklahoma, when you want to eat well and feel good. Sammies include dishes like egg salad sandwiches, the Lazy Man, cheeseburgers and the Petty Melt. These delicious preparations are made with bacon, pork, Swiss cheese, pickled red onions and several other spices and condiments. All of these are served with french fries, black beans, tomato soup or a side salad.

A La Carte

It is often said that you are the best judge of your table, and thus choosing from an a la carte menu for a lip-smacking Sunday brunch in Edmond, Oklahoma, is a great idea. You can easily mix and match the options for dishes from the menu like grits, grapefruit, fresh berries and biscuits with gravy.

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