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Five Egg Benedicts That Will Make Your Brunch Exciting

Food is the fuel that keeps the world going, and breakfast is the meal that keeps you going the whole day. It not just provides energy to the body to carry out the day-to-day activities, but it also plays a vital role in supplying nutrients, which are indispensable for growth and development. Breakfast is the most glorious and important meal of the day. A brunch in Edmond is what can give a kick-start to your day to get you ready for a complete day packed with power. Protein is known as the building block of life, and eggs are an excellent source of it. As Eggs Benedict provides the best combination of taste and nourishment, you must try them. The below points reveal the five best egg Benedicts that will prove to help make your brunch egg-cellent.

best breakfast in edmond

#1 Up Town Benny

This egg Benedict is one of the most palatable dishes one can look forward to while having a brunch in Edmond. It is comprised of two poached eggs and a lot of hollandaise. English muffins and Nueske’s ham makes this delicacy absolutely delicious till the last bite.

best breakfast in edmond

#2 Westside Benny

This lip-smacking combination of poached eggs, hollandaise and caper salsa makes for an amazing brunch experience in Edmond.

best breakfast in edmond

#3 El Jefe

This unique spin on eggs Benedict is an awesome option for Christmas brunch. It especially takes care of those food lovers who prefer corn tortillas over wheat. The four corn tortillas are layered with green chilli and pulled pork. Hollandaise, melted jack cheese and two poached eggs make this dish extremely palatable.

best breakfast in edmond

#4 Border Benny

This Edmond eggs Benedict option pairs corn tortillas with layered beef Barbacoa, as well as two poached eggs, green chilli hollandaise and ranchero sauce. Pico and cotija cheese add a stunning garnish. This dish will certainly satisfy your craving for eggs Benedict.

best breakfast in edmond

#5 Okie Benny

The final dish on the menu is an Okie Benny. Since it is incredibly delicious, it is an indispensable part of any brunch, especially on Christmas. Brunch spots in Edmond offer you a blissful dining experience with from-scratch biscuits, Nueske’s ham and, of course, two poached eggs. The wonderful aroma and taste is owed to the cheddar and black pepper gravy.

A famous saying goes, Love and eggs taste best when fresh. This festive season, let your love for eggs take over and let the romance blow up your senses. Relish a brunch in Edmond the egg-licious way, for a Christmas you can cherish forever.

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