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Five Best Ideas for Brunch in Edmond

brunch in Edmond

Life starts as an egg and continues to evolve in one form or the other. Other than being a prime source of protein, eggs are also one of the most loved foods around the world. Christmas and eggs complement each other greatly. So the perfect idea for celebrating Christmas is to make it memorable with a delicious taste that not just refreshes your senses but keeps tickling your taste buds forever. What more could anyone ask for than a special Christmas day brunch in Edmond?

With the holiday season upon us, there is a spell of laziness around. Late nights out with friends and family and deviations from the monotonous daily routine leave people waking late in the mornings. This disturbs the breakfast routine and that of lunch as well. Here we come to your rescue and treat you with the following mouth-watering brunch ideas:

best breakfast in edmond

#1 Avocado Toast

An inevitable breakfast companion, a slice of whole wheat toast often accompanies a pair of eggs. Roasted tomatoes and sliced avocados add to the goodness and wholesomeness of this brunch option. For the final touch, add an arugula salad with balsamic dressing. This meal is a power-packed choice for a brunch in Edmond.

best breakfast in edmond

#2 Big Bad Burrito

Just as the name suggests, this recipe is both filling and delicious. It consists of four tortillas stuffed with a mouth-watering filling of scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, black beans and cottage cheese, all tastefully smothered in cream and ranchero sauce. A hint of green chilli is what makes the dish even tastier.

best breakfast in edmond

#3 El Jefe

This unique version of eggs benedict is an awesome option for Christmas brunch. It is especially fitting for those who prefer corn tortillas over wheat. This dish has four corn tortillas layered with green chilli and pulled pork. Hollandaise sauce, melted jack cheese, and two poached eggs make this dish extremely palatable.

best breakfast in edmond

#4 Egg Salad Sandwich

Another egg dish that can be an absolute foodie delight is the egg salad sandwich. The familiar taste of hardboiled eggs, mayonnaise and mustard are sure to satisfy your desire for comfort food on Christmas morning.

best breakfast in edmond

#5 Prom Cakes

The final dish on the menu is nothing other than a dessert. Sweets, apart from being an indispensable part of any party menu, are unavoidable, especially on Christmas. Brunch in Edmond offers you a blissful dining experience with these pancakes made of oatmeal and bananas. The topping on the pancake is made with homemade granola syrup, which delivers an exquisite taste and captivating aroma.

There is a famous saying: Had there been no eggs, there had been no Easter. And had there been no Easter, there had been no Christmas. This festive season, dive into life in an egglicious way and let your passion for eggs come alive at brunch in Edmond.

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