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Eleven Things to Eat for Breakfast That Can Boost Productivity

hot water with lemon
Productivity, as defined by the experts, is the economic measure of the output generated per unit of input, like that of either labor or capital. In simpler terms, it refers to a number of measures undertaken to enhance efficiency in an organization. Since breakfast, besides being the first and foremost meal of the day, is also the prime supplier of energy to help you kick-start your day, it attains a directly proportional relationship with productivity. It has an unmediated role to play in boosting returns for your company and contributes remarkably to increase capabilities of the employees. Productive employees make a productive institution. This article draws attention to the crucial role played by breakfast in helping organizational bodies fulfill their goals.

Breakfast, in spite of being so important and useful, often gets neglected by a large number of people around the world. Amid the prevailing reckless competition in which time is money, people generally ignore the health risks associated with missing out on this essential nutrient intake. The top runners in this rat race especially choose a skip or simply keep putting off breakfast for the sake of work. It is striking to learn that these habits breed into a lot of health hazards with grave concerns later in life. The following tips will help you understand the ways in which you can pair up nutrients with flavor for a tasty, hasty morning meal on the go.

Exercising and Brisk Walking: Although not a part of breakfast, any physical activity that results in a good sweat is the most healthy way to start your day. Engaging yourself in any rigorous fitness regime or even some light aerobics with warm-ups aids in muscle movement and proper circulation of blood. Furthermore, this proves to be of immense help in waking up your body prior to feeding it anything in the morning. Exercise is, after all, the master key to attaining overall well-being, and it has no shortcuts. In addition, these active training sessions make you feel hungry and energized at the same time.

Hot Water With Lemon: Apart from being an amazing cleanser for your physiological system, having a glass of hot water with a splash of lemon juice in it nourishes your cells, balances and maintains your body’s pH levels, and aids in digestion. It stimulates bowel movements and wipes away muscle stiffness and strain. To improve the taste, you can also mix in a teaspoon of organic honey. This way, your very first drink of the day turns into an energy booster packed with benefits.

Toast With Toppings: A slice of bread or two can be the best source of carbohydrates and energy to keep you going all through the day. Additional toppings to fit your tastes and convenience can also contribute to both flavor and nourishment. Above all, choosing toast for breakfast saves a lot of time and energy needed to prepare a wholesome treat during your busy hours.

Eggs: While eggs have evolved as synonym for protein, this power-packed food is crowned as the obvious choice for breakfast around the globe. Eggs contain many nutrients that are essential for metabolic health and growth. Choline is an important amino acid complex found exclusively in egg yolks. Eating eggs consistently for breakfast enhances brain productivity and reduces chances of dementia and strokes.

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